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Answers to some of the most asked questions about the UCS

No! The UCS-2000 is not a generator. It receives H2 supply from a separate generator or H2 cylinders. Its main function is keeping you safe while you work with H2 as your main carrier gas by completely eliminating all excess split chemicals.

The UCS-2000 allows you to work safely with H2 as a carrier gas safely. It keeps your laboratory air cleaner by burning all excess chemicals and H2 that usually goes out to the air from the split and septum purge outlets and it saves you 95% of you operational cost of buying Helium. More so- you will have the option not to be dependent on any gas suppliers!

The UCS-2000 is sutible for only one Agilent GC system and is attached integrally to it. If you need to connect your UCS to more than one GC or to non-Agilent GC the UCS-1000 is your answer.

More than two injectors mean more H2 flow. This translates to a higher burning temperature inside the UCS-2000. The current model can handle an inside temperature up to 1500o C

Of course you can!

Of course you can!

No, the UCS-2000 connects to only Agilent GC systems. The UCS-1000 is our solution to any other GC in the market.

Working with H2 as a carrier gas the UCS-1000 self consumption is 20-70 ml/min

Working with He/N2 as a carrier gas the UCS-2000 self consumption is 40-140 ml/min